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If you only knew what God sees when He looks at you, you would know that He calls you His beloved.

Here’s my story and about how God rescued me…

I grew up in a family that was very close and that loved me beyond words could describe. When growing up, I knew about Jesus and I occasionally went to church, but I didn’t have that passion for Him that I saw in other Christians. From a very young age I knew I needed a relationship with Jesus, but I didn’t know how. I wanted something deeper than just knowing about God and the occasional church services. My very first encounter with the Lord was when I was 11. I was going on a weekend trip called “Accelerant,” with the church that I occasionally went to. I heard everyone talking about this holy spirit that I knew nothing about. After hearing what they had to say, I knew I wanted that moment with God. It was the last service of the conference, and the preacher said, “if there is anyone in the room who wants to receive Jesus tonight, come up to the front.” My heart began to thump in my chest, and before I knew it, I was running to the alter. I will never forget that moment, but sadly I tried to hang on to that one moment years after I left that conference. I grew up, with God more distant than ever. Day by day, I was feeding into Satan’s lies. It was my first year in high school when I lost myself completely. I began to find myself trying to “fit in,” no matter what I had to do. I started drinking alcohol heavily, and couldn’t remember what happened the next morning. I pursued relationships that made me feel like I was never enough and I began to compare myself to everyone around me. My insecurity grew bigger and bigger each day, until one day I had enough. I listened to the torment of Satan’s lies, until I simply started to believe them. Satan would say things like, “If you do this, you can be beautiful.” I starved myself daily to be “pretty.” My reflection in the mirror, in the window, and pictures made me want to burst out into tears. I didn’t know who I was anymore. I definitely was not that 11 year old girl that everyone wanted me to be. I was simply stuck. I was surrounded by demons tormenting me every day. My parents were worried, but I didn’t know how to be “Summer” anymore. I remember crying in my floor, wishing I could take it all back. I cried out to God for the first time that night, since I was that 11 year old girl. “God please help me because I can’t take this anymore. Are you even there?" Isn’t it funny how we ask God if He’s there when He never left? The next day I got offered to go back to the conference where I first got saved when I was 11. I agreed to go, and on that trip, Jesus forever changed my life. I found myself at the alter begging for His forgiveness. God rescued me with open arms and told me I was His beloved. He gave me purpose when I thought I had none. He wiped my tears away and told me I was enough for Him. He welcomed me home, no matter what I had done to others or myself. And most importantly He gave me a mission. I was never the same after that day; I was a completely new creature, ready to pursue the mission that God set before me. So now, I’m living everyday for Jesus, ready to kick Satan in the mouth every time He tries to tell me I’m anything less than God’s perfect creation. As for the mission that God gave me, I believe that Radford University is very much apart of that mission. God hasn’t forgotten about this campus, God hasn’t forgotten about you, and I believe He’s coming for every single person that thinks they're anything less than His beloved.


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