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Take every thought captive

Someone I love very much, recently told me something that shook my spirit to the core. "Is what you want to do, pleasing to God and ultimately, is it honoring Him as well as yourself?" If you are struggling with the flesh; whether its lust, pornography, alcohol, gossiping, lying etc, its time to think about my question.

We have all struggled with these things whether you want to accept it or not. Personally, I have struggled with four out of four of those things and I will be the first to say that it is hard to hear that. If we truly love God, each and every time we sin we should feel like we are betraying Jesus. Sinning is like getting drunk, it feels awesome when you are intoxicated and you feel like you can do anything without consequence. But the second you wake up the next day, you feel like you've been to hell and back. One of the things Jesus loves about us is our flesh. He loves our weaknesses, so we can love His strengths. But when the day comes that you don't feel remorseful, is the day you need help.

Jesus is so intentional with every single thing He does. My advice to you is to take every thought captive. When you catch yourself thinking about evading God, elevate Him. Be intentional and use the authority He gave you. Satan is such a small man and can only work through you as much as you let him. Don't give him any reason to enter your thoughts.

"Take every thought captive"


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