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From Ruins To Glory

Journal Entry from June 20th 2018

Aziz Philippus Mezar ve Kelisesi

(St. Philip’s Tomb and Church)

As I walked up the mountain all I could think about was how much sweat was dripping from my face. The path in which we were on was one you had to walk carefully up because if you did not pay attention your ankle would twist. I was so caught up on how tired and dirty I was that I almost forgot where we were heading: Philip’s Martyrion. All of a sudden a wave of emotion came over me. I thought to myself:

“What were Philip’s thoughts as he walked up this path to his death?”

"Did he even know what he was heading toward?"

All of a sudden, the sweat, the dirt, and the blazing sun seemed almost ridiculous to be complaining about.

We stood at the entrance of the church that was built in Philip’s honor many years after he was martyred. Almost immediately prayers began to fill the cool breeze that was rushing through the ruins of what use to stand a place of worship. And then praises arose from us, and it felt as if we were joining alongside those who once worshiped in this place:

“Jesus, the Name above every other name. Jesus, the only One who could ever save. Worthy of every breath we could ever breathe We live for You, Oh, we live for You”

Immediately, what was a set of ruins to some became a place of glory again. I cannot help but to imagine how glorious of a reunion Philip had when he came face to face once again with Jesus.

A thought that I have been pondering ever since:

What an absolute honor it is to serve Jesus, and to one day come face to face with the King of Kings.

“Well done, good and faithful servant.”


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